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Tool wall by using the french cleat system

My new workshop needs a proper system to keep my tools well-organized and I chosen to build one with the french cleat system. The system itself is very simple it’s just be consisted with a beveled batten mounted on the wall and a similar rail on the cabin. The sharp edge of the cabin rail will be lifted behind the wall batten’s bevel and the contact will hold the cabin without any fasteners. It allows to move cabins very easily to another wall batten or change the location on the wall by sliding it along the batten.

Front projection on my tool wall.

The internet of full about opinions about the cleat angle and spacing, so I cannot say how the system should be built up. The system of mine is built for 45 degrees angle and the battens are divided by using 200 mm spacing. There is 50 mm space between the top batten and cabins above it. An electric wire channel is located right above the counter top and distance from the channel to the top of the bottom rail is 230 mm. It is good to know these dimensions if you build your own cabins without any any changes.

Perspective view.

The wall battens are mounted on wall studs through the gypsum boards. Stud spacing on the wall is 600 mm and the cross section dimensions are related to the spacing. The height of my battens is 50 mm but it doesn’t have to be so high if the wall stud spacing is less than mine. I used 15 mm birch plywood for the wall battens.

The cross-section of the wall batten
The cross-section of the wall batten.
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