Makita tool shelf

I designed this shelf for Makita power tools and this is part of my tool wall project. All shelves of the tool wall are mounted by using a French cleat system. This shelf is dedicated for a circular saw DHS680, a planer DKP181 and a plate jointer DPJ180. Check out the drawings on CAD […]

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Zero-clearance insert for Bosch GTS 10 XC

The main function of the zero-clearance insert is to prevent tear-out on the bottom edge of the piece . Especially in plywood the bottom edge will be ripped in crosscuts. CAD drawings and a 3d model are available in the CAD drawings page. I used 12 mm birch plywood for the insert. The depth of […]

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Tool wall by using the french cleat system

My new workshop needs a proper system to keep my tools well-organized and I chosen to build one with the french cleat system. The system itself is very simple it’s just be consisted with a beveled batten mounted on the wall and a similar rail on the cabin. The sharp edge of the cabin rail […]